Why RG Tutorials for Online Coaching Classes?

We know how the pandemic has affected our day to day life and we are sitting at home wondering when to get back on track. Lockdown has been a barrier between you and your preparation too? Are you wondering how to overcome this situation and when to start preparing for NATA and JEE MAINS 2?

We are taking all possible steps to ensure students do not lose touch with their studies due to the lockdown. By introducing our Online Coaching CLasses for NATA and JEE MAINS 2. Our mission is to help you achieve your goals of attaining good marks in your entrance exam. 

Since NATA is considered to be one of the toughest exams one must start preparing for it before it is too late. One of the easiest ways to crack the entrance exam is to focus only on all the subjects simultaneously. At RG Tutorial we understand the measures to be taken to reach these needs. We specialize in all three major subjects Drawing, Mathematics, and Aptitude. We have a team of well-skilled faculty that provide the best knowledge to our students which reflects on their results. That’s what makes us different from others. We prefer one on one consultation with our students to improve and help them with all their difficulties. 

Our ONLINE CLASSES are as effective as our CLASS ROCLASSROOM where our faculty are putting their best foot forward to guide students. Below is detailed information about our Online Coaching Class: 

  • Our Classes will be conducted for 4 HOURS of EVERY SUNDAY. (How flexible is that instead of laying around you can actually use the time in benefiting yourself!!)
  • The faculty makes sure that these 4 hours are utilized at the best & you learn more than an average student can study. 
  • As we all know due to this pandemic everyone’s on their internet which can lead to connection issues during the LIVE SESSIONS. We have made sure that our students won’t suffer any buffer by providing RECORDING of the LIVE SESSIONS. 
  • Other than the videos we will be providing each student with professionally Crafted Notes & PDFs to ensure that your preparation process is easy. 
  • We shall be conducting 2 MOCK NATA Exams help them with improving their score before the final test
  • RG Tutorials offers an extra benefit for the students in MAHARASHTRA by providing a specially designed mock test for JEE MAINS 2 Exams.

We put our best foot forward  & are committed to helping each student in the examination with systematic guidance and study materials. 

To know more about the how-to enroll in our Online Coaching Class or to get any architectural based counseling – Feel free to reach out to us: 9920921239 | 7718831239

Or you can fill out your details here: http://inquiry.rgtutorials.com/ our team shall get in touch with you.


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