Have you started your preparation for NATA 2020?

Ever looked at an aesthetic building that exudes magnificence and grace? You’re admiring the blood and sweat of an architect who had imagined the structure in his mind? Architects are indeed aesthetic magicians, which makes architecture a chic profession in the modern world.

The coming few months entail the future of many youngsters aiming to secure a top spot for themselves in good architectural colleges. A million dreams in their eyes fuel their desires to conquer the world and pull out all their stops to crack the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA)

Each year, a humungous number of students attempt the NATA exam, but not every dream is taken towards fruition. It is important to incorporate the following aspects when preparing for NATA exams:

  • Designing Skills

As a part of the preparation for NATA exams, students are advised to hone their designing skills as well. Students with an inclination towards architecture often forsake their designing skills, which usually impedes their plans to crack the NATA exam immediately. Trainers at RG Tutorials work hard on the drawing skills of candidates who’re not too good with drawing and designing.

  • Ramp Up Your Speed

Students need to work very hard on their speed so as to articulate their thoughts and ideas within a limited time period. It is advisable to solve previous years’ sample papers every day so as to familiarize yourself with the final paper.

  • Enhance Awareness

Contrary to popular notion, preparing for NATA does not require you to cram general knowledge textbooks but be more aware of construction work happening around you. Increase your observation power and inculcate the habit of reading newspapers regularly.

  • Practice Smart

Work towards practicing on A4 size sheets, rather than practicing on A3 size sketchbooks. It is also better to practice with dry medium colors that are more convenient to use and less time-consuming.

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Wishing you all the best for NATA Success


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